engineering projects


Kettler Leweck Engineering has extensive experience in urban redevelopment in the San Diego region. Over the last 15 years, Lisa has been committed to the major transformation in Downtown San Diego, as well as other cities in San Diego. Our depth of experience and knowledge in redevelopment has contributed to over a hundred projects built across the region. The projects range from multi-block high-rise mix use projects in downtown San Diego to a boutique retail center in Chula Vista. The following are representative projects.

  • Pacific and Broadway
  • Paseo Point
  • Logan Avenue Apartments
  • Park Boulevard Project
  • Marina Horizons (Mixed Use – Residential & Commercial), San Diego
  • Park Place (Residential), San Diego
  • Cortez Hill Condominiums, San Diego
  • Cortez Blu Condominiums, San Diego
  • The Grande North and South (Residential), San Diego
  • Lafayette Condominiums, San Diego
  • Bayside Condominiums, San Diego
  • Electra Residential, San Diego
  • 880 Broadway, San Diego
  • Ballpark Village (Mixed Use-Residential, Commercial
    and Hotel) , San Diego
  • Shelter Island (Mixed Use-Residential & Commercial), San Diego
  • Market Street Village (Mixed Use-Residential & Commercial), San Diego
  • Vista Colina Residential, San Diego
  • The Mark (Mixed Use-Residential & Commercial),
    San Diego
  • Espanada, Mix Use – Residential & Commercial,
    Chula Vista
  • Creekside Vista, Chula Vista
  • 476 Broadway, Chula Vista
  • Palomar Trolley Commercial, Chula Vista
  • One Mission Avenue, Oceanside

NOTE: Lisa and Steven were the Engineer-of-Record and/or Project Manager for many of the above mentioned projects while employed at other Engineering firms in San Diego.