engineering services


Kettler Leweck Engineering’s staff has prepared and processed dozens of stormwater management plans for all types of projects requiring State of California New Construction General Permit for Stormwater discharge. Our staff incorporates stormwater management early in the project’s design. This approach incorporates input from the owner, architect, contractor, and design team, and balances them with the agency requirements. As a result, a creative solution utilizes many available BMP options.

Our staff has experience preparing dozens of water quality management plans.  The types of stormwater management plans prepared include SWPPPs, WPCPs, SUSMPs, and WQMPs.  We are certified as a Qualified SWPPP Developer and Practitioner (QSD/QSP #23082).



Kettler Leweck Engineering’s staff possesses significant experience preparing drainage studies and drainage designs from simple to complex projects. Our staff leverages the latest software and years of actual hands-on experience to balance construction costs with agency requirements.

Our services include hydrology and hydraulic analysis and design for the sizing of on-site and off-site public and private drainage facilities for a variety of projects. Also included is the design of detention facilities.

We prepare and process to approval improvement plans and site plans required for the permitting, staking, and construction of the various drainage facilities.